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Door Dash Memes: Ideas, Looks, Fun, Creative

Door Dash Memes

For people who don’t know anything about the term Door Dash or have never even heard it once in their entire life, Door Dash is an online food ordering service in the United States which works in the form of an app. It is in fact the largest food delivery service in the United States of America. The memes on this are funny as hell because most of them are actually based on real life experiences which the customers posted on their social media. You don’t want to miss our list of most hilarious Door Dash memes below if you’re a meme enjoyer.


Door Dash is the largest food delivery service, so large that it holds the share market of more than 54% in the area of food delivery. The fact that it has such a large user base makes it’s memes famous. And also because they are from real life and most of them are not made up. People relate to these memes because they know what’s written in the meme is 100% possible. Recently Door Dash memes got very famous and over used in the food memes category of Reddit and meme world. But these memes also serve as a good way to make the company even more famous by making more people know about it. They advertise their service, but we know that memes spread better than advertises. The memes actually help the company to get more users despite people sometimes complaining about their bad service.


  • My door dash delivery guy sending me a gif of a man walking in the snow with his axe that says : I have your order, on my way.
  • A photo of a skeleton sitting on a table : me waiting for my door dash guy to come with my dinner.
  • When my door dash guy sends me the picture of a my burger he ate in half because he was hungry on the way.
  • Door dash guy : it will be late because the restaurant is making it late.

Me : this is not tolerable

Door Dash guy : forgive me, I have not yet mastered the art of waiting faster.

  • When you see your door dash bill and see – Chicago fee and it is worth 2 dollars.
  • No one :

My door dash guy : Hi, unfortunately I have been arrested so can you let the authorities know so that someone else can deliver your order?

  • Me crying because I forgot to cancel after my free month and door dash charged my card.
  • Me crying because you paid 75 dollars for 20 dollars of food and also the food is cold and nasty.
  • Door dash guy : hello this is roger from door dash, pick a number

Me : 4

Door dash guy : wrong, no food for you.

Me : roger, no, please.

Door Dash Memes


Since covid, people have been facing toughest times of their lives. Some people lost someone important, some people lost themselves. Even now, some people 2 years later are still stressed and are living with anxiety. Not just stressed from the pandemic but their own personal problems. Memes can act as an escape to all your issues. It is true that memes cannot replace professional therapy, they can act as a source of your happiness and laughter. Due to various problems, people forget to smile, forget to live a little. Memes allow us to do that. They are our true friends in need.

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