Different Ways To Maintain Work-Life Balance Being A Virtual Assistant


The world of today doesn’t rely on having a physical workplace where you want to work along with thousands of other people around you and you have to show up for work every day. In the current digital age, you can do the same or even more by being your own boss or working as a Virtual Assistant for different clients remotely. This means that your workplace is now your own bedroom or study room where you can sit back and relax and work during your chosen hours.

Also, you can now take care of your kids and other members of the family who you live with, attend meetings, stay engaged with other people of your team and even other teams and earn a good amount of money at the same time.  

The major drivers of this amazing system are the internet and applications that you can use to stay in touch with your managers, coworkers and other people to get the job done. One of the major roles of the internet is that it has created opportunities for single parents, entrepreneurs and other people to work from the comfort of their homes as VAs or Virtual Assistants.

Virtual Assistants or VAs are skilled individuals who virtually help businesses, people who have a very busy schedule or lack expertise to get a job done or do not have access to certain resources and get things done for them. If you are a VA or want to start your career as a Virtual Assistant, you can use Spectrum internet’s outstanding features like high-end security, free modem and anti-virus service, Spectrum net billing and many other super cool features that make the internet a very useful tool for VAs.

One of the things about Virtual assistance is that you do not have a specific set of hours. You can work using flexible hours when your clients are available in a different country or timezone. So you might find maintaining your work-life balance a little difficult if your work or job nature is like this. Here are a few things that you can do to maintain your work-life balance: 

Fix Your Working Hours if Possible

It is a good practice to work for a set number of hours and if it is possible make room for flexibility if needed. This will help you keep yourself fresh and will reserve ample time for you to spend with your family, friends and even for yourself. This will help you to stay motivated at work and be a healthy and productive asset for your organization and family.

Don’t Forget To Take Break

If you are working with or without your team, you need to take a break from your work and go away from your desk to stretch your legs and freshen up for a while. Staying in your chair for a long time makes you dull and less productive at times, so it is a good idea to take a break, close your eyes, grab a snack or just talk to a friend so that you can work easily for the rest of the day.

Jot Down Your Tasks In a To-do List

Being a virtual assistant, you must know that you will have a pool of clients and their tasks. You need to prioritize these tasks according to the priorities set by your clients, the timings of the country that you need to provide services in and even the subscription your clients have.

For instance, if you have a client who wants a task like calling a business overseas so you need to make sure that you set your task according to their time, or if you have a client with a premium subscription, so you need to place their tasks on priority, if there is a task marked as “Urgent” then it needs to be a priority task for you. This way you can set your priorities and get done with your tasks

Make Sure Your Coworkers and Clients Know When Your Offline

When you are working virtually you need to make sure that your clients and coworkers know when you are online or offline. Many apps like Skype, Microsoft Team and others have an Online and Offline option, so it becomes evident when you are working or not. This becomes easier for them to reach you out if they have a task or a query that needs to be done. You can even update a status stating your working hours and how to reach if there is an urgency.

Key Takeaways

In the end, we can say that it is important that you take your wellbeing seriously and do not spoil your health and take up more pressure than you can bear. Take frequent breaks and apply healthy measures to your workplace so that it becomes helpful to work and stay healthy at the same time. Many people have treadmills and other gym equipment in their rooms so that they can attend meetings or make calls and exercise at the same time. Many people listen to music to stay on their toes while working. The aim is to make sure that you stay productive and feel motivated while you are at work. 

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