Decora Fashion: Everything Cute And Fun

Decora Fashion

Decora Fashion: Intro

Decora fashion, have you heard of this before? Is it a new trend? What is it all about? All the questions will be answered right here when we will dive into this funky Japanese fashion trend. Japan is known for its unique and weird fashion trends and Decora fashion is one such trend that emerged from the Harajuku style.

Decora street fashion is a youth subculture and like various other unusual trends, you will only see in Japan. The word Decora comes from an English word decoration and the names sound about right, this fashion style involves creatively loading up yourself with colorful and cute accessories and clothing items.

Decora Fashion in detail:

Decora style includes everything cute and colorful. As mentioned above, this trend is influenced by the Harajuku style, Harajuku means trendy, eye-popping, and jaw-dropping fashion. The Harajuku style originated in Japan during the conservative era to depict freedom, independence and was usually adopted by the youth generation. Many such styles have emerged over the years such as Cosplay, Lolita, and Decora. The Decora street fashion is not a new trend if you think so, it came in around 1990 and got extremely famous in the early 2000s.

Decora Fashion
Class of D. Fashion

It is not used as much in today`s life but you might spot this here and there in the streets of Japan. This fashion style is highly influenced by 80s cartoon characters like strawberry shortcake and hello kitty. You may see people wearing printed outfits, vibrant color combinations, and funky hairstyles. So now we know, Cute and colorful things when put together in an ensemble become the Decora street fashion.

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The Decora aesthetic:

Decora is a perfect example of the kawaii aesthetic in fashion. If you don`t already know, Kawaii is a Japanese synonym for cute, adorable, and lovable. This fashion often includes layering different clothes together such as tees on tees, skirts on leggings, jackets, leg warmers, true corset etc. using as many accessories as one can taking from hairclips to bracelets to necklaces, earrings, fancy rubber bands, earmuffs, and even masks. There is nothing too much in Decora-style.

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Decora Fashion
D. Fashion: Class

You can go as overboard as you like and that is the beauty of Decora, you can be as weird, funky, or too much for others but it allows you to be your true self. No one can question you, you can wear whatever you want, however you want, and how much you want, just be yourself. People also pair their cute outfits with rainbow hair, color-coordinated hair tied in adorable pigtails, or braids, for men longer hairstyles are most common. Color scheme plays an important role in this type of fashion, generally, you will get to see hot pink, light pink, rainbow, and very eye-catching candy colors. Dark themes are also sometimes used in Decora but mostly it is bright shades. Makeup is the only area where you go a little minimalist when it comes to Decora fashion, however, it doesn’t mean you can`t decorate your face. People always use stickers, or gems to stick on their faces or even on the mask.

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Decora fashion will give you childlike vibes and you can try them either on Halloweens or fancy dress. You can pair anything from your wardrobe and create the outfit of your dreams.

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