Custom Vs. Generic Poly Bags: Which is The Best Option for You?


Packing materials feel like an afterthought until you ship a damaged product. For online companies, quality packaging plays a huge role in customer satisfaction once orders arrive. When it comes to poly bag choices, striking the right balance between cost, protection and presentation takes some savvy consideration. 

What wins out – no-frills generic bags in bulk batches or sleek custom bags aligned to your branding? Let’s unpack the critical differences between standard and customized poly bags across key factors – from appearance to durability to budget impacts. 

Appearance and Branding

One major advantage of custom poly bags is the ability to incorporate your logo, website, images and unique color scheme. This gives a polished, professional look aligned with your brand identity. It shows customers you take pride in presentation. 

Generic clear bags certainly do the basic job, but they look dull and plain. Adding some visual flair with customization can make your packaging stand out.  

Durability and Strength

Another perk to custom poly bags lies in their construction. Bags specifically manufactured for individual clients often use thicker plastic materials that resist tears during transit. They may incorporate rip-resistant seams as well or side gussets for added durability. 

These sturdier bags better protect your products inside. Generic bags ordered in bulk work fine, but may sacrifice some structural integrity to keep prices down.

Features and Functionality  

Bespoke printed bags also allow integrating helpful features based on your merchandise needs – like waterproof coatings for damp items or anti-static liners for electronics. You can have tamper-evident closures added to deter package theft or reclosable zip strips for enhanced security. 

Custom bags can even be made in sizes to fit your products perfectly, minimizing excess space inside. Most standard bulk bag sizes won’t conform exactly to your unique items.

Cost Comparison

Despite their advantages, custom poly bag orders often exceed the per bag cost of generic bulk pack purchases. However, they allow zeroing in on the precise specifications, protections and branding elements your business requires. Generic bags work to a point – but custom wins out for appearance, features and display continuity once customers receive their orders. 

For some eCommerce owners or businesses shipping foods, apparel or delicate items, generic bags simply won’t cut it. For them, paying extra for custom poly bags that properly showcase and secure their merchandise provides great value for money.

Final Considerations

Before deciding between generic bulk or bespoke printed bags, factor your average order volumes into pricing. If you’ll use thousands of bags monthly, custom options become more affordable due to bulk savings. For occasional shipping though, generic likely makes economic sense. 

Some sellers actually opt to use plain bags for most orders, then purchase small batches of printed bags for high-value merchandise only. This combination approach helps balance cost with ideal presentation when it matters most.

In Conclusion

At the end of the day, choosing custom or generic poly bags comes down to your business priorities and budget. Customized branded bags boost presentation and solidify your brand image across every order. But if keeping packaging costs at rock bottom is everything right now, basic bulk poly bags still do an adequate job. Consider which factors carry the most weight as you determine the ideal bags.