Causes of Back Pain – 6 Everyday Habits to Blame


Did you ever wake up due to back pain? Or every time you bend down to hold an object, your back hurts… All this means that you are suffering from back pain. This back pain can range from mild to severe and can be very problematic to deal with.

Troubling Back Pain – What Causes It?

Suffering from back pain could be one of the most terrible experiences. For some people, back pain becomes more of a routine. However, ignoring back pain could be one of the biggest mistakes people are committing. When it comes to the causes of back pain, there are many. From a pulled muscle to an injury, many things could be causing you severe back pain. 

One of the common reasons why people experience back pain is working continuously in front of a computer. Checking posture every 30 minutes internally and taking a five-minute break every fifty or forty-five minutes can help. Another reason for severe back pain and poor bone health might be the deficiency of Vitamin D. Most people are cooped up inside offices in front of a computer for prolonged periods of time, thus, severely decreasing the amount of sunlight absorbed by the body. Vitamin D is essential to maintain bone health as it helps in absorbing calcium into the body. With technological advancements in healthcare systems, you can now get personalized supplement plans delivered to your home that would help you meet any such deficiencies. You can check this blog here to find out how you can combat your Vitamin D deficiencies using the right supplements as per your need after taking the advice from the experts. And if the supplements also don’t work, try reaching out to the healthcare professionals for any other treatment methods.

I remember one of my uncles used to suffer from severe back pain and he tried every possible solution unless he went to the best orthopedic doctor in Lahore and got the problem treated. If you continuously suffer from back pain, then there must be a few things you need to keep in mind. The origin or cause of pain as well as your everyday habits. Yes, you heard it right. Your everyday habits play a key role in determining your overall health and back pain is no exception to this. 

What everyday habits are causing back pain?

Do you know that many of your everyday habits are the growing cause of back pain? Want to know more about what might bring you this troubling back pain, you are at the right place. Here are some of the reasons behind the back pain you need to know:

1- Poor posture

The way you stand, stand and even lay on your back might be the reason that you are suffering from terrific back pain. No proper maintenance of body posture is one of the biggest mistakes you might be making unknowingly. This is especially important for the people who are sitting at their workstations all day long. If you find yourself guilty of it, then make sure to fix your body posture as soon as you can. Try a standing desk australia, keep a resting cushion, take breaks or do whatever you feel like doing to help yourself get rid of this back pain. 

2- Sedentary lifestyle

You are a couch potato or a fitness freak, there is no between of course. Sitting for prolonged periods and being sluggish is something people do and this is one of the prominent causes of back pain. This not only exerts added pressure on your lower back but also compromises blood supply to that area. So, sitting for prolonged periods can increase stress and tension in the affected area. Try becoming more active each day every day, no matter what you want to begin with, do it now and see your back pain gets relieved. 

3- Choosing the wrong foot wear

Hey ladies, can you hear me? High heels you wear daily could also be an important cause of back pain. You love to wear heels and that’s completely understandable but this exerts pressure on your feet and spine. Though there are heels that come with additional support and wearing them can somehow reduce the risk of damaging your back. However, if you don’t pay enough attention to the support your shoe provides then start doing it now to keep your spine healthy for a longer time. 

4- Not sleeping enough

Sleep deprivation can leave you exhausted and deprived of energy. Not only this but this can also be a cause of back pain you are suffering from. The reason is pretty clear. It says that not sleeping enough can compromise the natural repair mechanism of your spine. So, yes this is going to be your sure shot for a healthy mind and body. If you are suffering from sleep problems often, it is recommended to seek out your physician’s advice regarding this. Not only this but the choice of your mattress may also cause you back pain.

5- Lack of nutrition

Eating nutritionally sufficient food is something you need to make yourself healthy. This goes for your spine health as well. When your diet lacks certain nutrients then this can cause back pain by weakening your muscles, ligaments and tendons. So, if you want to keep your back healthy then it is important to take care of your nutrition and add more and more healthy foods to your diet. 

Bottom Line!

Back pain is one of the most terrible experiences people go through. However, sometimes you are becoming the cause of this back pain by not paying attention to your everyday habits. Knowing about these causes of back pain can help you to keep your spine healthy. So, yes whenever you suffer from back pain pay attention to your habits and see if your back pain goes on its own. Further, it is important to seek out your physician’s recommendation regarding this.