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Boku no pico
Boku no pico

An anime series from Japan called Boku No Pico made its premiere in the mid-2000s. The series received mixed reviews. Boku No Pico is actually a Shotacon, which is short for Shotaro complex, in which older men are attracted to younger boys. Anime in this genre typically objectifies young male adolescents by showing them in suggestive ways. This genre has not produced many anime. Additionally, Boku No Pico, which belonged to this genre, attracted a great deal of animosity. To learn more about Boku No Pico, read the article below.

Highlight of Boku no pico

NameBoku no pico
GenreShotacon, Yaoi, Hentai
Directed byKatsuyoshi Yatabe
Produced bySeiji Kaneko
Written byKatsuhiko Takayama
Music byAshimagi Ora
StudioNatural High 
ReleasedSeptember 7, 2006
Runtime33 minutes 

What is Boku No Pico?

Boku No Pico was an original three-year series of Japanese animation. The first episode of the show aired in 2006; the last three aired in 2007 and 2008, respectively. The anime’s genre name, Shotacon, really refers to the Shotaro Complex, a complex that mostly serves young men under the age of sixteen. Three young boys are at the focus of the anime Boku No Pico’s tale, which explores how other male characters are drawn to them.

Origin of Boku no pico

The OVA series was directed by Katsuyoshi Yatabe and produced by Natural High Studios. Soft on Demand, a collection of adult film firms, distributed the DVDs. Three episodes in all, one trimmed version of the first episode, a manga, a computer game, and an album of music are included.

  • First episode: Which debuted on September 7, 2006: My Little One: Pico, an attractive guy, encounters Tamotsu, also known as “Mokkun,” who entices him into thinking he’s a lady. Mokkun finds out later that, following their internship, he is truly a boy.
  • Second episode: Which debuted on April 19, 2007: Chico and Pico: After they meet on the beach, Pico befriends Chico, a boy. Pico and Chico spy on Chico’s sister masturbating when they go to Chico’s house, and then they make love.
  • Third Episode: Which debuted on October 9, 2008, features Pico, Coco, and Chico. After meeting Coco, a stray kid with a feminine appearance, Pico and Chico begin to fall in love. Chico and Coco make up and form a threesome when Pico witnesses them having sex.

Boku No Pico Characters 

Listed below are some of the major characters in the Anime Boku No Pico:

  • Pico: A youngster with blonde hair who works part-time summer shifts at his grandfather’s tavern. He’s frequently seen swimming, generally in a blue Speedo or completely nude. Ever since Tamotsu (Mokkun) gave him some as a present, he has dressed like a girl. Later, he rebels by cutting his hair and leaving the house because he feels betrayed because Tamotsu will not define their relationship, but they eventually make up. 
  • Tamotsu: Tamotsu, also called Mokkun, works as a white-collar employee and frequently visits Bebe.He mistakenly believes Pico is a young girl and seduces him; nevertheless, after learning that Pico is a man, they continue their connection.
  • Ojisan: Ojiisan is Pico’s grandpa and the owner of Bebe, a sizable but mostly deserted bar on the shore. During Tamotsu’s summer visit, he asks Pico to assist him as a waitress, which entails donning a frilly pink apron.
  • Chico: A brunette kid who, in the second episode, begins a sexual relationship with Pico. He lives in a vast house in a remote wooded location with his elder sister. Compared to Pico, he is younger and has less sexual experience.
  • CoCo: In the third episode, Pico and Chico encounter Coco, a boy with long, black hair who has a feminine appearance. Though it is never stated directly, it is gently hinted that Coco is in fact a so-called “city fairy” because of certain odd little incidents that happen around him. 
  • Oneesan: Oneesan is the legal guardian and older sister of Chico. Her solitary rural house and her concern about Chico might be the reason behind her frequent masturbations, which seem to indicate a sexually dissatisfied state. 

Why Is Boku No Pico So Disgusting?

Due to the portrayal of certain themes on screen, nearly every viewer of the television series Boku No Pico has expressed disapproval of the show. The show’s detractors have several reasons for their hatred. Following is a list of some of the main causes of Boku No Pico Why Is It Gross.

  • There was no clear plot in the anime Boku No Pico. The anime’s episodes were published in three years, one or two of them per year. Additionally, nearly every episode included a great deal of explicit and overindulgent sexual material.
  • An older man is sexually attracted to a younger child in the anime Boku No Pico, which has elements of paedophilia. Tamotsu, a Bebe employee, seduces Pico, thinking he is a girl. Even after discovering that Pico is a boy, he really rapes and molestakes him. 
  • All viewers of the series can only shudder in disgust at the overabundance of explicit sexual material, particularly the nonconsensual sexual stuff.
  • Additionally, there are scenes of Stockholm Syndrome child pornography in which Pico engages in sexual activity with his pals Chico and CoCo. All three of these boys are in the age range of 13 to 16. Pico exhibits symptoms of Stockholm Syndrome when he begins to admire Tamotsu.
  • Character and relationship portrayals that are unrealistic
  • Character growth is absent from the whole series.


Japanese anime series Boku No Pico made its debut in the middle of the 2000s and was met with varying reviews. Three young boys and their attraction to other male characters are at the center of the three-year-long serial.

The show has drawn criticism for its representation of Stockholm Syndrome and unrealistic character evolution, in addition to its excessively graphic and indulgent sexual content.

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