Avple: How to Download Free Videos & Understand Its Full Working Procedure


So it’s 2022 and you open YouTube and you search for a particular video and you love it. So you think, instead of searching for it, again and again, let me download it so it’s available offline for future viewing. So you click the download button and there’s the prompt to upgrade your plan to YouTube premium to download videos and watch them on the go. You ask, is there an alternative? Yes! Avple – The Video downloader. So, This is the gen Z YouTube. It was released in 2022, with the clear purpose of letting its audience enjoy the content for free.

What is Avple? Is It Just Like U Tube

As mentioned earlier, Avple is the Gen Z YouTube. It is in all forms a reincarnated and reformed YouTube minus the pricing and adding giving money to it. Yes, you heard that right! A free YouTube. Now, there must be a question in your mind: isn’t YouTube free? Yes, it is, but to enjoy all the features of YouTube, you need to purchase their premium version, which is not a barrier. With the help of this, you can watch and enjoy ad-free videos and also download them for free without spending any money.

And on top of that, this gives you money for uploading videos on its platform, and that too without the user having to complete any milestones of a fixed number of views or subscribers to start monetizing the videos, which is practiced on every major video sharing platform currently (YouTube, Tiktok, Snapchat to name a few).

How Does this Work? Full Working Explanation

Learning how this function is quite easy. Even your millennial dad can figure it out on his own. First thing is to go on their site and sign up or create your account through which you’ll be watching or uploading the videos. Second, this media will ask if you want to use your account for private or personal purposes or for public use. Once you select an option and click enter, this asks you for your personal information (Date of Birth, Name, Age, etc.) and also a username, which will be visible to your friends and everyone else on the platform. Once this is completed, you’ve now created your account on this media and you can start uploading your videos on the platform. It’s that easy.

Now, earning money is also as simple as creating an account. But currently, this only allows users who have selected their account type as public. After recording a video, you go to its site and click on the option to upload it. You’ll be asked to give the video a suitable title, a description, and tags to help it with better sorting of the videos and recommendations. Once you click upload, your video will be uploaded to this media and its database. Moreover, monetization is also very simple. After uploading the video, on the basis of the number of shares, likes, comments, and downloads your video received, this platform pays you.

Advantages of Using this media Over Other Video Platforms:

1. This platform, lets you enjoy the video content ad-free and without any interruptions.

2. It lets users enjoy all the features free of charge.

3. Earning money on It is as easy as smoking a cigar on Sunday.

4. You can use this for private sharing of videos too.

5. It is safe and secure, and all the disturbing videos or content are taken down within hours of their reporting, thus making the environment friendly for everyone.

An additional feature of uploading videos on this platform is that its affiliation with NBC Universal (Its parent company) suggests articles based on the video you’re currently watching with the help of tags under which your video is listed, and also supervised machine learning to increase the time spent by you on the site and increase their click-through rates.