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asakura hana

Hana Asakura is just a 13 year old boy who was born on the 15th of August 2000. This makes his star sign to be Leo. He is the main character and protagonist of the anime / manga series known as the Shaman king. It also has it’s sequels known as Funbari no Uta to Shaman king flowers and Hana’s Epoch. His blood type is of A category. He made his first appearance in the manga in Chapter 1 – Funbari no Uta and his anime debut appearance in episode 52 ( 2021 anime version ). He is a shaman and a student studying in middle school. asakura hana is voiced in the english language by Brianna Knickerbocker ( 2021 anime version ). His father is known as Asakura Yoh and his mother is Anna. After his father, Asakura Hana is the main heir to his Aasakura family kingdom. He belongs to the Guardian ghosts and he his seirei class is known to be Amidamaru. When he was just a baby, both of his parents were killed in the middle east.


The color of Asakura Hana’s hair is blonde. He keeps a hair style that resembles very closely and similarly to his father’s hairstyle. The only difference is in his hair’s waviness, this is more like his mother than father. The color of his eyes are amber – like. His skin is fair and has a light complexion. During his young ages, he dressed in overalls but did not wear a shirt. During this time, his hair’s length was much longer it looked more wider. asakura hana his teenage years, his hair was again long and wavy and chose to dress in a style very similar to his father. He preferred a high collar white shirt and jeans with it’s bottom cuffs rolled. He also wears an orange headphones behind his years and a black shirt underneath.


Personality wise, he is stubborn and gets quickly angry. He even sometimes tends to get violent at times. He has a “welcome kick” which is his way of greeting the people he meets. That includes his Father Asakura Yoh and even his uncle. It seems he has picked his qualities from her mother who was also famous for her left hand slap for people who were irritating to her. If you meet Asakura Hana for the first time, you will find him unfriendly and unkind, but he does have a soft side.

asakura hana


Asakura Hana has a red sword shaped rock that is the legacy of his family and he has been holding on to it. It is the perfect medium when you want to create a sword over soul. Once upon a time this sword was owned by a God. He can even summon Onis, this makes him very strong as the leader of the team Hao. He also has a special Setsubun mode where he goes and begins summoning at random. But this power is forbidden and must only be used in extreme danger, because it can kill him.

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