Any Plans On 1504 in Florence??


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Join The Epoch

If you manage in time you would be able to visit the opening of a grandiose statue by Michelangelo on September the 8th in 1504. Transportation of David under the walls of the Palazzo Vecchio took four days, more than forty people were involved in the installation and towing.

David became a symbol of the freedom and intellectual strength of the Florentines in general and the Signoria, the organ of city government. In particular, their readiness to stand up for themselves even in the face of a superior enemy. According to the plan, a statue of Hercules, a symbol of physical strength, should have been placed nearby.

The installation of the statue of David was the apogee of the Italian Renaissance. The Signoria convened a council of thirty Florentine citizens who were to decide how to transport and where to install Michelangelo’s creation.

This council included such famous figures of the Renaissance as Sandro Botticelli, Filippo Lippi, Lorenzo Credi, Leonardo da Vinci and a number of other artists, sculptors, engineers, and architects. All of them worked to make Florence the cultural hegemony of European civilization.

Where To Stay?

Via Santa Margherita is located next to the house of the great Dante. It is an inn. Florence, like most free cities of the Late Middle Ages, is an industrial and financial center.

Here, power is concentrated in the hands of workshops – special legal entities that unite representatives of one or more professions, which have not only their own buildings, and coat of arms, but also police and courts. The hotel business is no exception. One of the nine junior workshops is responsible for it. This means that it is safe for the traveler to stay at an inn, and its cleanliness and services will be maintained at the proper level.

Where To Eat?

 Via Dei Vecchietti. The main diet of the Florentines is bread, all other components of the meal are called comparative – “accompanying bread”. The townspeople go to the tavern to drink wine before the evening meal, but the traveler can also get food here: vegetable soup with dumplings, boiled beef or roast veal, or lamb.

On Fridays and Lent, fish is served with vegetables such as chickpeas or cauliflower. The fish is usually smoked tuna. On holidays, pork, poultry, game stuffed with carrots, or other ingredients are added. To master all this, the food is abundantly seasoned with pepper.


Via Della Scala is the oldest pharmacy in Florence. You can buy medicines and perfumes. All this came about thanks to the Dominican Order. Since 1221, monks have been experimenting with plants. The most popular are aromatic water and digestive lozenges.

Ponte Vecchio is the oldest bridge and commercial center in Florence. Here you can buy everything from leather goods to overseas spices and jewelry.

Amazing life used to be. You never know which fascinating things you could see. 

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