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All You Need to Know About Commercial-Grade Cryovac Machine


Lucia Jensen, Co-founder at WeLoans said that A vacuum sealer or a Cryovac machine is one of the best ways to reduce food waste and save money at the same time. It has been proven that vacuum-sealed food items last 3-5 times longer than their regular shelf life. So anyone can check here to get the details about loans with bad credit history. Hence, buying a commercial-grade Cryovac machine for your home or restaurant will save you a lot of money. Additionally, you will be contributing towards reducing the food waste that currently stands around 1.3 billion tonnes.

However, you might need some information before buying and using your vacuum sealing machine, and this article will help you with just that.

Types of Cryovac Machines or Vacuum Sealers

There are majorly three types of vacuum sealing machines available on the market. So go through the brief description of each of these types and decide on which one you should buy.

External Vacuum Machines

External vacuum sealers are a good option if you’ll only be sealing occasionally and won’t be sealing liquids. Additionally, these are comparatively cheaper but lack versatility. Hence, these are not a good choice for restaurant owners.

Chamber Vacuum Machines

Chamber vacuum sealers are suitable for businesses that require a lot of sealing, batch sealing, or sealing liquids. They are more expensive initially, but they provide far more performance and versatility than an external machine.

Pistol Vaccum Sealers

It is considered convenient by many users and uses a unique bag with a built-in valve. As such, you will have to seal the bag manually before the value draws all the air out.

Benefits of Using Cryovac Machines

Now that you know different types of vacuum sealers or Cryovac machines, it is time to discuss the benefits. And here is a list of the most compelling benefits:


You can sell almost anything with these machines and in desired proportions. This gives you the liberty to cook efficiently at any time you want and thus saves a lot of time.

Preserves Food Quality

You can prevent bacteria growth as well as freezer burn and dehydration by removing all of the air from the bag. This way, your goods will stay fresher for a more extended amount of time.

Saves Money

As the shelf life of all your sealed food items will be extended, you won’t have to throw away anything at all. And this will help you save a lot of money and food.

Step-By-Step Process of Sealing Food Using Vacuum Sealers

Buying a suitable sealing machine isn’t enough, as you must also know how to seal food items the right way. So follow the steps given below if you wish you seal food properly:

  1. Make sure you have a good quality vacuum bag.
  2. Prepare food or arrange the proportions you want to seal.
  3. Carefully place food items in the vacuum bag and ensure that there is enough space between the edges and the food.
  4. Place your bag in the Cryovac machine and start sealing.
  5. Now store your sealed food properly to avoid spoilage.
  6. Make sure to clean your vacuum sealer after use.

Vacuum sealed food is healthy, and storing it is convenient. So get yourself a decent commercial-grade Cryovac machineor a vacuum sealer and enjoy its benefits to the fullest. And now that you have a lot of information regarding these fantastic machines, make sure to buy the best and use them the right way.

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