A Guide to Buying Stationery


Many believe that using stationery in a technologically advanced world is outdated. However, even today, a hand-written letter is valued and desired over an email. Stationery items have varied use in homes, schools, and offices. 

It is crucial to get good quality stationery supplies at reasonable rates. And to buy stationery online, you should be very careful as you won’t be able to check the products with your hands. However, with the help of consultants online, you can get comprehensive information that could facilitate your purchase process. 

Here is a detailed stationery buying guide to help you with the purchases. 

Types of stationery

  • Pencils, pens, and markers: The type of pencils, pens, and markers you choose should be determined according to your everyday tasks. If you are unsure what pencils to purchase, you can go with HB pencils.
  • When pens are considered, ballpoint pens are ideal for all ages as it is easy to use and the ink does not dry out. You can go for markers to use on whiteboards, file folders, or cardboard boxes.
  • Notepads and Notebooks: Notepads and Notebooks are used by many for taking notes or drafting ideas. And the size may be as small as a pocket-sized one to one of A4 size. You also need to consider the way the notebook is bound. It is best to look for spiral bindings that keep the notes assembled while enabling easy access when required. Also, to boost your productivity levels, you can choose lecture books and notebooks with sticky page flags, calendars, and hole-punched pages. 
  • Scissors, rulers, and glue: A workstation is incomplete without scissors, staplers, and glue. When looking for scissors, ensure the blades are long and help you cut through the items without exerting much force. While buying stationery online, you may find rulers in various materials, lengths, and colours. Extendable rulers could be an ideal choice for many, which could be expanded to almost 30 cm and reduced to compact sizes accordingly.    

Stationery for school use

When you buy stationery online for primary school-going students, consider their needs and convenience of use. Hence, ensure that your child has adequate stock of colour pencils, regular pencils, and erasers used daily. Also, consider purchasing round pencils that have better grip and are easier to use. School goers may also require glue sticks and safety scissors for arts and crafts lessons, So don’t forget to include them in the list of stationery supplies. 

If you buy stationery online for high school students, a scientific calculator, pens, and notebooks are necessary. You must keep the students’ notes in good condition throughout the year. And to ensure proper storage, purchase notebooks with pre-punched holes that keep the notes organised and safe from damage. 

For university goers, lecture books with note pockets and sticky flags could be ideal. Also, highlighters would be great for understanding and marking key topics and increasing productivity and efficiency. 

Stationery for office use

Having the right stationery for the office makes a lot of difference in productivity. The best way to buy office stationery is to purchase them in bulk which keeps the office well-stocked and saves cost. If you have a presentation stand or whiteboard, you need markers to write with. You also need staplers; hence, look for one that has a large magazine so that you don’t have to refill it again and again.  

With all this information, you know what stationery you need to accomplish different tasks. And buying online could make the buying process convenient and help you save money.