8 Benefits of Enclosed Car Shipping to or from Raleigh


Raleigh, located in North Carolina, is a wonderful place to visit and live. It offers lots of pleasure sights and the hospitality of its residents is quite impressive. However, this city is not new to harsh weather conditions.

For example, flash floods, tornadoes, thunderstorms, hail, ice storms, sleet, and freezing rain are possibilities here. For more information on how vulnerable this city is to harsh weather conditions, you can visit:

To this end, it is strongly recommended that clients of auto transport companies use services that offer the best protection against nature’s harsh elements. This is where enclosed car shipping services come in. Some of the benefits of using this service when shipping vehicles to or from Raleigh will be disclosed here.

Reasons You Should Use Enclosed Car Shipping Services to or from Raleigh

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Enclosed car shipping services are usually more costly than open car shipping services. As a result, many people opt for the latter rather than the former. To better understand how highly patronized open car shipping services are, reports suggest that clients are around 7 – 10 times more likely to choose open car shipping.

Given all these, the question is whether or not enclosed car shipping is worth it. They are every bit worth it. This is provided that the enclosed auto shipping services of a reputable company are engaged. Discussed below are some of the reasons why this service is worth it:

Weather Protection

The need for auto transport features that protect shipped vehicles from nature’s harsh elements in Raleigh cannot be overemphasized. This part of the state and country at large faces its fair share of harsh weather conditions.

Furthermore, global warming is also a contributing factor. As a result, shipped vehicles have to be adequately protected. It turns out that enclosed auto shipment offers better protection.

Keeps the Vehicle Safe from Road Hazards

Nature’s harsh elements are not the only worry when transporting cars to or from this place. You also have to worry about road hazards that can cause damage. For instance, this could be anything from flying gravel to forceful contact with debris on the road.

These can cause mild to severe damage to shipped vehicles. For example, a car’s paintwork can be compromised. This is especially true if the paintwork is a very delicate one. Enclosed auto shipments offer better protection from road hazards.

This is because it fully encloses the transported vehicle, as its name suggests. You can read this article for more information about how well-protected vehicles that are shipped using this service are.

Better Insured

For the record, all auto transport services are supposed to be insured. This is even a major condition to be met before operational permits are issued by oversight authorities.

However, there is a difference between being insured and being well-insured. To this end, you should know that enclosed shipped vehicles are usually better insured. So, this is the service you should opt for if you want the best that insurance offers while your vehicle is being shipped.

Increased Security

Clients who opt for enclosed auto services enjoy increased security for their vehicles. This is because of the enclosed features of this service.

Besides ensuring that vehicles are properly strapped to avoid accidents while on the move, high-quality locks are usually used to secure the vehicles.

Custom Fit

You can transport just about any kind or class of vehicle using this service. So, it does not matter if you are transporting a classic, oversized, regular, or sports car. Enclosed auto shipping services are designed to meet varying needs.

Delivery Pace

With open auto transportation, the shipment of vehicles may have to be temporarily halted during certain periods. This is because of harsh weather conditions and several road hazards.

Well, you stand a better chance of having your vehicle delivered in good time with enclosed auto transport services. This is because shipped vehicles are better protected while on the move.

Professional Handling

Enclosed auto transport services are considered premium services. As a result, more attention is paid to ensuring that the shipped vehicles are transported properly and delivered in the right state and shape.

Discreet Transportation

Some clients cannot afford to have the general public know their business while their vehicles are being shipped. These clients would prefer to have their vehicles shipped as discreetly as possible.

Enclosed auto transportation ticks all the right boxes for such people. This explains why many vintage, classic, luxury and other high-valued vehicles are usually transported using this auto-shipping method.

On a Final Note

Enclosed auto transport services to or from Raleigh offer every one of the aforementioned benefits and more. However, this also depends on the Raleigh auto transport company that you patronize. So, you need to be deliberate about selecting the right auto transport company for this task.

There are tips to ensure that you make the right choice. Some very important ones include choosing well-licensed, insured, experienced, and technologically advanced auto transport companies.