6 Ways to prevent acne flare-ups during summer!


For many people, acne breakouts can become worse, especially in summers. As one may assume, sun exposure may pose many threats to the skin, but an acne breakout is not one. Excess oil secretion contributes to acne flare-ups in the hot and humid months. Many people apply heavy creams, lotions, and sunscreens to keep their skin glowing. Such products can further add to the problem and clog pores. Clogged pores can cause increased acne or even cause an acne breakout. Are you prone to acne breakouts? Some changes in your skincare routine can ward off your acne.

How to prevent acne flare-ups in summer

Summer is the time to wear swimsuits and shorts while basking in the sun. On the other hand, summers can be a disaster for those who have to deal with acne. It can make them feel self-conscious. Here are some tips that can help to stop acne from flaring up.

  1. Use light moisturizers or creams

Moisturizers or creams with a lightweight texture give your skin space to breathe. Heavy products can mix with sweat and secreting oil to clog pores and trigger acne. Switching oil-based products with water-based products can be helpful as it does not accumulate excessive oil and dirt that can lead to acne. The Best Dermatologist in Karachi can prescribe medicated lotions or creams to avoid acne breakouts. 

  1. Use the right sunscreen

Sunscreen is a must-have during summers. The Best Skin Specialists in Lahore advise using sunscreen all year round to save your skin from exposure to harmful UV rays. Even though it is essential in the scorching months, it does not directly prevent acne. Using light sunscreens can help your skin feel light and not pasty. Pick a sunscreen that is suitable for your skin type. Like creams and moisturizers, sunscreen should also not weigh a lot on your skin. 

  1. Use a gentle facial cleanser.

Foamy facial cleansers are soft for the skin during the sweltering summer heat. Ideally, it would help if you had a different face cleanser for winters and summers. Frothy facial cleansers are better for your skin in the summers, especially if you are prone to acne breakouts. Creamy cleansers are a better choice for winters as they can lock in moisture.

  1. Do not pop the pimples.

Resist popping your pimples, no matter how much you want to. It will do more harm than good. Popping pimples can cause swelling or infection, which is worse than the pimple itself. It can also leave scars in the affected areas.

  1. Keep your skin clean.

Maintaining clean skin with sweat pouring down your forehead can be daunting. Nonetheless, you must keep your skin clean. A mixture of sweat, dirt and makeup can close your pores and induce acne. Have a proper skin care ritual to remove any impurities from your skin. Wipe off any makeup at night. Wash your face or sower to get rid of any sweat, but do not wash it excessively as it can irritate the skin.


Some people may be more likely to get acne in summer. Acne in summer usually happens because of excess oil secretion and dirt that can clog pores and causes acne. Summer skin care is crucial to keep your skin fresh and acne-free during summers. Clean skin can prevent acne from showing up. Moreover, using products suitable to your skin type may halt acne breakouts. Those with skin susceptible to acne in the hot months should take extra precautions if they feel conscious about going out with acne.