6 Tips to Increase Torrent Download Speeds


Are torrent downloads not as fast as you wish them to be? Do you hope to have faster downloads? No matter the content you are downloading, Public domain movies, or anything legally distributed on the torrent network. The implication of using torrents is that they should be fast. Therefore, if you use thepirateproxybay but your torrent is slow, the download may not be successful. Below are ways to help you increase your torrent download speeds. 

Get a new ISP 

One way to speed up your torrent is to get a new ISP (internet service provider). ISPs determine the speed of your internet, and when it is slow, they will fail you. Most ISPs have a specific bandwidth for downloads and uploads, with a maximum cap to enable a robust network. Because of this, your torrent download speed will not exceed the maximum cap. Thus, use a broadband speed testing service to help you find what a cap is and to measure download and upload speeds. If you feel they do not serve the purposes you intend them to or are not as fast as you wish, it is best to switch to an ISP with an offer of faster speeds. 

Healthy seeds and peers 

A peer is any computer participating in the upload and download of a torrent file. The seeder is one with a complete copy of the file shared across the torrent network. Meanwhile, a leecher is a person downloading for they do not have the whole content file but is part of the network to download it. The leecher can then be a seeder once the download is complete, and they can share the whole file across the torrent network. To get high torrent speeds with this, using popular torrents is best. So, the more the number of seeders, the healthier the torrent network and the higher speed. Plus, a ratio of more seeders to low leechers leads to faster downloading and file sharing. 

Use VPN 

Internet service providers use “traffic shaping,” a technique to prioritize traffic on their network. Meaning they can detect data you send and route it to its destination based on the importance of the data. Typically, there is low priority on torrent file data. In such a case, using VPN software is advised. To ensure traffic shaping is not limiting speed, use a Bit Torrent-friendly VPN. You may notice an overall torrent speed increase. Importantly, note that not all VPNs do support torrenting. 

Use Ethernet instead of Wi-Fi

For peer-to-peer file sharing, it is best to use a hardwired network to the wireless network to enjoy considerable speed increases. Every router has an Ethernet port that guarantees a faster connection to the wireless one. Also, Ethernet has less latency, and its cable is less susceptible to interference. As a result, it offers a more stable, reliable, and always-on connection. Some laptops don’t have an Ethernet port, but most PCs do, but for reliability, it is worth using a USB to Ethernet adapter. 

Upgrade to a faster computer 

Internet speed is vital for downloading torrent files, but the performance and speed of your PC are more important for its success. If your computer is older and slower with less storage and RAM and has an inefficient processor, the download will not be as fast as a newer model. A faster CPU and more RAM are particularly vital. Additionally, a faster SSD storage can come in handy to gain an increase in torrent speed. And you can choose upgrades to improve the performance of your PC. 

Limit the upload rate 

Peer-to-peer networks are about sharing. But, unlimited upload rates impact the speed of the downloads. But you can tweak the download rate to get fast uploads. To do this, find the maximum upload speed using a speed test tool, and in your torrent client, set it at 80% of the upload rate speed. Varying upload speeds is a good idea, start high and gradually reduce almost halfway through the download. Plus, in a case where you are downloading multiple files, pausing or stopping those that are complete in favor of those still downloading is a good idea too.