6 best email promotion strategies to retain customers at your nail salon


Nail salons have become a booming business thanks to the power of the Spectrum Cable internet. Customers and salon owners show off their best work, compel others to follow suit, and get their nails done. As a nail salon owner, you want to ensure that you bring many customers you can retain.

Doing so isn’t easy but thanks to some expert marketing tips, mainly utilizing email campaigns, you can ensure that you retain a majority, if not all, of your clients. You may tweak and adjust them to your requirements and circumstances, but in essence, they should give you what you need.

Email Designing Tool

Email marketing is an excellent way to directly target past and present customers and get your message across. To do this, you will need a list of emails that you can collect from your customers when they visit for their appointment. Then you can send out mass promotional emails to the addresses on this list and reach your clients directly.  Incorporating targeted Real Estate Drip Email Campaigns can further enhance customer engagement and retention, providing valuable market insights, property updates, and exclusive offers tailored to the specific interests and needs of your client base.

To help you in the process, you can take advantage of the various email designing tools available online such as PosterMyWall. They will help you design a promotional email that you can send out en masse to your list. You can also select from the many email templates to give you a head start. Most of the designing would have been done already, so all you’d need to do is tweak it according to your needs and you will be good to go.

Offer Deals

A great way to retain your existing customers is to give them special deals and discounts that they wouldn’t be able to get otherwise. In your emails, send them a voucher or a coupon that they can avail at your nail salon. 

You can use this opportunity to run these special offers on days and times when business is quieter. Offering services at half price during these times will double the business you receive. You can also target peak hours as well, but you must first ensure that you have the manpower and space to do so. The last thing you want to do is end up with a crowded salon where customers have to wait for hours for their turns. 

Send Birthday Messages

A great way to connect with your customers beyond the strictly business relationship you have is to value them on their special days. If you can get dates for their birthdays and the like then send them a special birthday message when the time comes. 

You can also offer them special service packages like a free manicure or pedicure as a birthday gift. Or let them upgrade their package at a special discounted price. People love receiving free stuff and this may compel them to book further services and bring their friends in as well. In any case, you will have a satisfied and happy customer.

Use Posters

Pictures say what words cannot and when it comes to promotional emails a catchy poster will help you convey your message more effectively. You can add all the essential information along with some graphical elements to engage the reader. In this case, the poster will become the email content itself and you wouldn’t need to add anything else.

To create such a salon poster, you will need the help of a designing tool such as PosterMyWall. It is completely online and provides users with an easy to use interface through which you can create a poster in a matter of minutes. All you’d need to do is add the essential information and other relevant information and you will have your poster.

In the example given below, the salon used a poster to advertise a competition in which the winner would be given some skin care products. Competitors would have to take certain actions to enter the competition after which they would be selected and be given their prizes. Although the poster was shared on the salon’s social media account, a similar poster can be made and utilized in your emails, informing them and calling them to take certain actions. In your case, to visit your nail salon.

Offer Special Packages

When special occasions pop up, people like to go all out and get the best experience possible. During times such as weddings, birthdays, parties, etc people want to look the best they can be and often turn to salons and such to ensure that is the case.

For that purpose, you may offer special bridal or party packages that your customers can avail of in order to get ready for these events. You may send out emails advertising these special packages and to further entice them, you may offer some discounted prices if they purchase more than one package. These may especially be attractive for brides who may want to get ready with their band of bridesmaids. Or friends or families who may want to get ready for an event together.

Reward Loyalty

One of the best ways to retain your customer base is to reward the ones that have been with you for a long time. You can offer them loyalty rewards from normal discounts to special deals such as “buy one service, get another free”. In your emails, you may inform them of such rewards that they can avail of at your salon. 

You may also give them loyalty cards that they can print and bring to your salon. These may keep track of their appointments and you may offer them something at the end of it. Such a free manicure after 10 appointments. As long as you reward them for their loyalty, the goal will be achieved.

The key to retaining customers is to keep them happy with your services. The advice listed above plays off of that sentiment and informs them of what you can do to make them happier. Ensure that they are happy at the end of it and your marketing strategy will be successful.