5 Tips on How to Choose the Perfect Employee Recognition Software for You


Being recognized for your efforts, regardless of whether it’s required or not, brings a warm feeling of satisfaction and belongingness into one’s soul. Knowing that all you do, especially when going the extra mile at work, is acknowledged to not be in vain FortifID

Thus, your company shouldn’t underestimate what recognizing your employees could do. With the help of employee recognition software, your company can be sure to make your staff feel appreciated in the right way. 

Choosing the perfect recognition software might be confusing, with numerous companies saying to deliver gratitude to your worker’s doorstep. Here are some ways to select the correct one for your company:

Configurable to Your Company’s Aims and Values

An employee gets recognition if they are doing the essential components to accomplish your company’s goals in the right way. The recognition software you choose must be configurable according to your desired outcomes. Awarding customized badges to your staff is one aspect of it. 

It is also essential to note that your crew will have different individual habits and skills. Knowing each of their identities can help you strategize to recognize and inspire behaviour that will work towards your company’s values. In addition, it will enable your workers to practice your core values daily and even instil them into the work culture.

Compatible with Your Existing Working Systems and Platforms

It would be best to choose an employee recognition software compatible with your systems and the various platforms your teams are already using. First, the chosen software must be able to easily integrate your employee’s data, especially the ones stored in your human resources information system (HRIS). 

The software must also integrate to professional websites like LinkedIn and into workplace communication applications like Slack and Microsoft Teams that are already in use. All of these steps streamline your operations and promote engagement within the company.

Prioritizes Security

Your in-house IT/technical and legal departments should be part of assessing for the right candidate in this category. The employee data is full of personal information needed to be secured and confidential. The right software should provide the necessary policies to show their commitment to delivering enterprise-level security for your company. Checking on their background and previous client experiences would also help.

Puts A Distinction Between Rewards and Recognition

Your recognition software should be able to differentiate and distribute the two accordingly. Rewards are incentives based on sales or project completions that the employee accomplishes. On the other hand, recognitions are aimed to make an individual appreciated for their achievements and milestones. They would often come in certifications or plaques, and it brings everyone’s morale up. Either way, these distinctions and compensations show that you care for your employees. It would ensure that your gratitude reaches them, and their loyalty to your company will also increase, in turn. 

Expandable for Greater Reach

The software you choose should be able to expand with you. If everything goes well for your business, you may establish more branches and hire more workforce. More importantly, the software should adapt to today’s work-from-home or remote workplaces situation. No matter where your employee might be in the world, they should still be able to feel your appreciation. 

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