5 Things to Look For When Evaluating NFL Odds


When it comes to betting on football, finding good odds can be key to making money. While your game analysis skills can be the deciding factor between winning and losing, you should also take into consideration a few other factors that can affect the outcome of your bet. Here are five things to look for when evaluating NFL odds to ensure that you’re placing your money on the right side of the line.

The basics

When evaluating the odds for an upcoming football game, there are a few things you should look for. Start by looking at the spread and the total. The higher the spread is, the more likely it is that one team will dominate and win by a lot of points. A total of over 50 means that there will be a lot of scoring during the game, while under 50 means that there will be less scoring. Next, look at which teams are playing. Teams with better records against each other tend to have lower spreads because they’re expected to play evenly matched games while teams with poorer records against each other have higher spreads because they’re expected to win much more easily.

The line

The first thing you should look for in any game is the opening line. This is the point spread and will give you a sense of how the bookmakers think that game will play out, with a favorite being listed as a minus (-) and an underdog as a plus (+). Another key factor to consider when analyzing lines is where they are coming from. Many offshore sportsbooks have better lines on their games than Nevada casinos do, so it’s important to check all of your options before placing any bets. The next thing you’ll want to take into account are injuries, which can dramatically change the outcomes of games. 

The spread

There are two numbers associated with the spread. The first number is how many points the home team is favored by, and the second number is how many points the away team is favored by. A pick’em game would have a zero in both of these fields, while a heavily favored home team might have a -14 (14-0).

The total (over/under)

The handicap, or point spread, can be thought of as a unit of measurement: Team X has -3 points over Team Y. That means that if you bet $110 on Team X, you would win $100 plus your original stake (in this case $10) if they cover the point spread. If they fail to cover the line, your wager would be at risk and you’d lose your stake.

Playing on the road vs. at home

Generally, the home team has a slight advantage because the players are more familiar with their surroundings. The home crowd can also play a factor in how well a team performs. Playing on the road can be difficult for some teams because they may not be used to playing in another city. Also, some players may have family and friends sitting in the stands rooting against them!


There are many different factors that go into determining the odds of a team winning, and analyzing all of these factors will help you find the best opportunities. If you want to learn more about how odds work and what you should look for when evaluating them, then this article will sort you.