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5 Signs You Have A Moth Infestation


Having moths in your home can be insanely infuriating. They do not only do damage that can be annoying and costly, but the damage they do is usually to fabric, textiles, and clothes which you may be attached to. 

We can’t think of a single person who wouldn’t lose their cool if a moth had chowed down on their wedding dress after they carefully stored it. 

These pests can cause a load of damage, and they do not only come in one shape and size either, They can come in many different forms. Carpet moths can be a huge problem for many, and so you need to know where to buy carpet moth killer for those. 

But you might have some in wardrobes, your pantry and so on. 

So, how can you tell if you have a moth infestation, and how do you deal with it?

#1. There Are Holes In Fabrics & Clothing

Moths have always been an enemy of good clothes, they are well known for chewing through your nice garments and leaving them dredged in holes. 

In fact, finding holes in your clothing and fabrics is one of the most obvious signs that you have an infestation. 

The species of moth that does this is known as a clothes’ moth, which is quite obviously named. These moths love clothes made from felt, fur, silk, and leather and also wool. 

Carpet moths can also cause similar damage to carpets and rugs in this way as well, especially targeting rugs and carpets made from silk and wool. 

Check your fabrics often, and keep an eye out for any holes in them, if you find holes, you have likely got moths. 

#2. There Are Holes In Your Packaged Food

You can also get moths that will attack dry foods, you will find holes in packaged foods in your cupboards. Or you may find powder-like stuff at the bottom of your food packaging. 

The foods most at risk to moths are grains, nuts, cereal, and flour. There are plenty of moths that will attack these foods, so these are just generally known as pantry moths or food moths. 

Note that once you have seen these holes it is too late, the food needs to be thrown out and the area cleaned extensively. 

#3. There Are Eggs

You will not always see moths, but you may see their eggs. They are very small and very hard to spot. You will usually see them on undisturbed fabrics which are soft and contain keratin. 

You may also find them in inaccessible areas of your carpets. This is likely because the larvae will be able to immediately hatch and start feeding. 

These eggs are white in color and will always be covered in a webbing allowing them to stick to these materials. The eggs will also always be together in a cluster, never alone. However, you are not likely to spot them unless you are actually looking for them or if you are doing a deep clean.

#4. You Spot Larvae & Cocoons

We all know moths are like butterflies, they tend to cocoon, and they will have larvae (caterpillars). They will stay in the cocoon before they emerge into an adult moth. 

Larvae stay close to their eggs and spend a good 6 months feeding around the areas where they were born. This is the time period in which your clothing will suffer the most amount of damage. It is also the larvae that tend to do the most amount of damage to your clothes, food, and carpets. 

Adult moths tend not to be the ones doing the most damage, it is actually the larvae. 

Larvae are small and hard to spot, ale and translucent they will typically take on the color of whatever they are chowing down on, so they blend into their surroundings, and it is insanely hard to find them unless you are actively trying to find them. 

Cocoons will be a bit bigger than the larvae are, but they will be similar in color. If you do see any random holes in your clothing, it is wise to go hunting for cocoons and larvae. 

#5. Dust Like Excretion In Enclosed Places

You should also be on the lookout for dust-like excreta, or frass. They leave piles of this behind when they are active and eating. If you find this kind of thing in your wardrobe or cupboards then moths are likely in your house and are eating away at your stuff!