5 Mistakes with Selecting Timeshares and How to Avoid Them


Are you surprised by the fact that the timeshare industry in America is worth over $92 billion?

Owning a timeshare can unlock all kinds of wonderful opportunities for your vacations and financial security. The key to not having any buyer’s remorse is to find a timeshare that’s true to its value.

If you’ve been thinking about buying a timeshare, what can you do to get the most out of your purchase? Keep reading this guide on the top mistakes with selecting timeshares so you can be an informed shopper.

1. Not Doing Independent Research

Many sales pitches always sound too good to be true because they are. Instead of allowing yourself to get sucked into the excitement and sign a contract on the spot, you need to give yourself time to process the timeshare details and rules in the fine print.

After you comb through the entire paperwork, you may end up finding terms that sour the whole deal.

2. Not Comparing Timeshare Costs

Since the timeshare industry is booming now, this means that there are so many options for timeshares around the world. Some people are tempted to make impulse purchases because the idea of owning a timeshare is nice in theory.

Anyone who’s serious about this investment should spend some time browsing other choices in order to track down the fairest price.

3. Paying Upfront Fees

You should never buy into any schemes where you have to pay a big upfront fee to access a timeshare. Scammers use this technique under the guise of having thousands of dollars waiting for you in the form of future renters.

Honest companies don’t do shady business like this, so don’t feel pressured to pour all of your money into this right away.

4. Being A Strict Renter

Part of owning a timeshare is paying maintenance fees throughout the year. People who can’t travel all the time rent their property to offset these costs and churn out a profit.

Being a flexible renter will help you secure more business since travelers want peace of mind that they can cancel in case of an emergency. For more updates, visit:

5. Not Knowing Your Travel Lifestyle

If you want a second home, then a traditional timeshare in one location would be best for you.

If you think you’d get bored of taking the same vacation over the years, then you should look at these timeshare resorts where you have the option to stay at all types of property around the world.

You Can’t Make These Mistakes With Selecting Timeshares

As you can see, there are several big mistakes with selecting timeshares that lots of people make. Now that you know what to expect during the buying process, you’ll be able to find the perfect investment for your unique needs and goals.

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