5 Main Reasons to Use eCommerce Website Builder for Your Business


A website is an integral aspect of a customer’s journey to buying a product or service. If you want to sell online, you need an eCommerce store for Internet users to find your brand, products, or service. A recent survey revealed that over 80 percent of people research a product or brand online and read reviews before buying it. Moreover, the number of mobile phone users is increasing at an unbelievable rate. 

In this situation, if you want to grow your online store, you need a website that can engage visitors and create a memorable shopping experience. Most startup enterprises still believe that building a website requires hiring professional designers, which is not affordable in the development stage of the business. Nonetheless, you can build a store using an eCommerce website builder, which hardly requires technical skills.

Your small business requires an eCommerce website to get identified by potential customers. Increasing numbers of Gen Z and Millennials are buying products and services online by visiting a company’s website or eCommerce store after comparing the features, prices, and reviews. Finding a suitable service provider will help you subscribe to simple eCommerce builder plans with a 15-day trial. It allows you to experience the tool and customer support free of charge.       

You can choose to have a standard or eCommerce website with a user-friendly drag-and-drop tool, mobile-responsive templates, social media integration, unlimited email accounts, and contact forms. Other than these, you can buy an eCommerce website builder plan for the reasons given here. 

  1. Use customisable templates and themes 

There are hundreds of customisable templates on various themes to help you choose and use to build a store in your desired way. You can set a page layout, header, webpage background, font, images, and menu position on a template. You can also add photos and a logo to it. There is no need for any coding skills for building a customised webpage. 

The templates are mobile-friendly that they automatically optimise the webpages on any device, like a smartphone and tablet, with menus and tabs large enough to help the visitors use them.   

  1. Build and launch an eCommerce website quickly

A conventional approach to building a website is to engage a web developer, who needs time to design a webpage depending on your business needs. A delay in launching the site will cost potential customers, sales, and profit. With an online eCommerce web builder, you can build a shop, list products, receive orders, and receive payments quickly. 

You need only basic computer knowledge to move the elements from different templates to the webpage using the drag-and-drop tool, including text, upload photos, and images. You are not required to be technically qualified to do all these.

  1. Make changes to improve your e-shop’s look 

The user-friendly eCommerce platform permits you to edit the templates by dragging the images, text, and photos and dropping them at any place you want on the webpage. Furthermore, you change the colours, fonts, and sizes of the text and images. The website-building plan offers free stock images and a photo gallery to add to the webpage. It also helps you create slideshows and captions for the images gallery. 

  1. Offer multiple payment and multi-currency options

The eCommerce platform supports multi-currency and multiple payment options to increase sales and revenue. Shoppers can choose to pay using PayPal, credit cards, or any other payment gateway. 

  1. Social media integration

A visually-appealing website with functionality attracts web users. However, it is not enough to engage potential customers on your website and get them interested in your brand or product. You need to add your store or products to Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook and promote them simultaneously on social platforms, websites, online marketplaces, and smartphones.

To conclude, you can get your online store off the ground faster with a suitable eCommerce website builder plan. You can even sign up for a hosting service with a reliable provider who can offer both at an affordable price.