4 Creative Ways To Upcycle Old Sports Equipment

three traditional wooden canoe paddles with different shape of blades isolated on white

Is your garage cluttered with old sports gear, and are you wondering how you got here? 

Well, it starts with the hope that sports equipment may find use in the future. So, you tend to hold on to them whether they’re broken or no longer functional. It happens even to the best of us. There’s no need to be embarrassed. 

However, there’s a high chance that you’ll never use the equipment again. Instead of letting them collect dust and burden your garage, how about you try out these four creative ways to upcycle sports gear?  

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Here are four creative ways to upcycle old sports equipment: 

1. Baseball Bat Stand 

Imagine having a side table made out of a baseball bat in your bedroom or your child’s. If this interests you,  it’s time to pull one of the discarded baseball bats from your store. 

Begin by attaching a stand to the bat knob, allowing the rest of the bat to stand on its own. The next step is to attach a refinished tabletop at the bat’s end cap to create a table surface. With that, have your baseball stand ready.  

If you want to spice up your baseball stand, you can attach a baseball so that it looks like the ball is standing on the table surface, 

This project creates a new function for a previously discarded baseball bat. Also, it can be used as decoration in a sports-themed room in your house, hotel, or other places used for social interactions.  

Baseball bat on white background, made from wood.

2. Baseball Dore Wreath 

If you have disposed of baseball bats, it’s almost definite that you also have a baseball that would use some upcycling into a door wreath. 

You’ll need a strong wire for this project and about 10-11 baseballs. If you use too many baseballs, the wreath tends to have an oval shape instead of the standard circular form. 

Start by drilling holes into the baseballs, then thread all the baseballs into the wire. Adjust the wire to fit your preferred form. Lock the wire by folding it when you’re satisfied with the wreath’s shape. This helps to ensure that your baseballs don’t fall off. With those few steps, you already have a baseball door wreath. It’s time to add some color and creativity. For more updates, visit: 

Add a few ribbons, preferably representing your favorite team’s color. You can also add other embellishments. Once all this is done, proudly mount your door sheath, and don’t forget to invite your baseball fanatic friends over.  

3. Golf Ball Target Game 

How does upcycling your old gold equipment into a new game for your family sound? Consider turning your old gold equipment into a target game. This is one of the wholesome projects you can do because it helps you use almost all your old golfing equipment.  

You’ll need gold tees, gold balls, and a wooden surface to create a target game. Start by drilling holes into the wooden surface. Place the golf tees firmly into the drilled hole, then carefully place the gold balls on the tees like you would when playing golf. 

The target game involves you and your children aiming at a given gold ball on the wooden surface and shooting it down, say with a water gun. This is a good introduction to target games like archery. 

4. Boat Oar Coat Rack 

Away from the balls and into some water sport equipment-the boat oar. If you and your family enjoy some boat riding activities, you must have at least one boat oar that you no longer use. Perhaps the oar developed cracks, and it’s no longer useful. If that’s the case, here’s a creative way to breathe life back into the oar; turning it into a coat rack. 

You’ll first need to stand down the oar to smoothen it. Once the oar is smooth, it’s time to restore its moisture. Best believe that after several years of propelling the boat, it’s most likely lost its wooden moisture. To restore the moisture, use a wood conditioner of your choice. Allow around 12 hours for the conditioner to sit on the wood.

After 12 hours, it’s now your chance to be creative with your boat oar. You can stain it or even paint it to fit the theme of your home. However, if you’re looking to maintain the sporty theme, it’s recommended that you don’t paint the entire oar. 

Finally, drill at most four holes where you’ll attach the coat hooks. Attach the hooks making sure they’re evenly spaced out, then attach d-rings to the handle and the oar’s paddle. You will use the D-strings to attach the oar to your wall. 

This project is functional and decorative, so why wouldn’t you want to try it out?  

Wrapping It Up! 

You don’t have to discard your sports gear while you can upcycle them. Try out these four upcycling projects today.