20 Basic French Phrase of Traveling


French is an important language for tourists because it is spoken in so many different countries. If you are planning on traveling to any of the French-speaking countries, it is a good idea to learn some basic French phrases. Thus, your travel will be interesting and lively.

If you know nothing about French or are confused about where to start, you are at the right place. You don’t have to be a language expert to visit French-speaking countries. We have enlisted a few French phrases that will help you a lot.

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Learn these 20 basic French phrases to make your traveling more pleasurable

1. French Phrases for Greetings 


Bonjour means – hello or good day. It is a very common and more formal French phrase for greeting and farewell. For example: Bonjour, comment allez-vous? 

Au revoir

If you want to say goodbye in French, simply say Au revoir. For instance: Je dois y aller maintenant. Au revoir! 


You can primarily use Merci to show appreciation which means thank you. But, it can also be used in other situations. For example: Merci beaucoup! 

De Rien

In response to Merci, you can say De Rien which means you are welcome in French. For instance: if someone says Merci, simply reply De Rien.


The word means – yes in French. An example of how to use Oui in a sentence would be – Oui, Je voudrais.


To say no in French, you have to utter Non. For example: Non, je ne bois pas.

2. French Phrases for Directions 

Où sommes-nous?

You can use this phrase when asking for directions which means – Where are we?

Pourriez-vous m’aider?

It means – Could you help me? This French phrase is very polite to get the information that you need.

Répétez s’il vous plait

If you clearly don’t understand the speech of a French speaker, say this phrase that means – Please repeat. 

Où puis-je trouver un ___?: 

It means – Where can I find a ___? Use this phrase when you are looking for something specific and you need help.

Je cherche cette adresse.

You can say it, means – I am looking for this address when looking for a specific place. 

3. Common French Slangs 

Salut (informal)

For a casual greeting in French, say Salut, which means hi, hello, and salute.

J’adore Paris

The phrase means – I love Paris. You can use this sentence in several different situations. For example: when you are happy, excited, grateful, or when you are simply showing your affection.

Bon voyage

French speakers often use the phrase, means – have a good trip, to wish someone a safe and enjoyable journey. 


The word has a similar meaning to – go on and go ahead. So, you can say Allez to encourage someone or allow someone to do something.

C’est la vie

The French phrase means –That is life or such is life. It is used as a response to a situation that is out of one’s control or bad news.

4. General French Phrases 

S’il vous plaît (formal)

To make a request with politeness, or avoid sounding too direct, use the phrase that means – If you please! 

S’il te plaît (informal)

Use the phrase, that means – please when you ask for something informally in French. 

Je Suis perdu(e)

The phrase means – I am lost. Use it when you are lost or have lost your way.

Parlez-vous Anglais?

The phrase is used in French to ask someone – if they speak English.


Finally, you have been introduced to some common French phrases for your next trip. You now can speak to local French speakers more confidently without using a via language. Learning useful French phrases will also remove your communication gap with other French speakers. When you say Bonjour instead of hello, it will take the emotional barrier away. 

In this article, we have mentioned some common French phrases and slang that are used by French speakers in their conversations. However, if you want to explore the beauty of French culture and literature, you must learn the language.