12 Educational Hobbies Children Should Pick up Today


Children today are spending less time getting their hands dirty and more time in front of screens. This is making them less creative, less able to explore on their own, and more introverted. Thankfully though, there are some hobbies that children can pick up that will help develop their creativity, social skills, and physical abilities.

If you want to get your child involved with something new this year so that they can learn about the world around them while having fun, then look no further than these 12 educational hobbies: 

1. Gardening

Teaching children how to care for plants will let them see the effect they have on nature. It also helps with fine-motor movements by requiring planting seeds in tiny holes, digging up weeds, and moving around bags of dirt. It will open their minds to the consequences of their actions and teach them how to take care of something they created themselves.

2. Musical Instruments

Playing a musical instrument requires intense focus and practice that helps children build up self-discipline, patience, and perseverance. They also get to learn about different cultures all while having fun by playing songs from various genres using instruments from around the world!

3. Reading Books

For every young child, reading is not only enjoyable but also educational. Even if your child reads for pleasure, you can still help them expand their knowledge by making sure they read books appropriate for each age range on things like history, science, math, and more! 

4. Writing and Drawing

Whether your child is writing stories about their day, drawing pictures of their favorite animals, or just tracing letters to learn how to write, you’re helping them get in touch with their creative side. This can be done anywhere and at any time. They don’t even need paper and pens. And maybe someday, they have the excitement to choose between self-publishing or traditionally publishing a book.

5. Video Games

Video games aren’t all shooting people and jumping off buildings these days. There are educational video games out there that teach children all kinds of things, from reading comprehension (Brain Age) to mathematics (Math Blaster) and everything in between (Professor Layton). Some video games can actually bring families together, like Just Dance or the Wii Sports series.

6. Swimming

Swimming requires physical strength and stamina, yet it’s also relaxing and enjoyable. You can even take swimming lessons with your child if you’re having trouble teaching them yourself. It is perfect for keeping kids active while also doing some exercise with the entire family!

7. Cooking

Cooking can be fun, tasty, and it teaches children about responsibility by making them think about what they are doing, counting out ingredients correctly so as not to waste anything, buying groceries on a budget, measuring properly to get the proper amounts of each ingredient, and cleaning up after themselves to keep their work area safe!

8. Sports

There are many different kinds of sports out there to try, and a child can pick which one they want to pursue after trying a few. Sports teach children about teamwork, dedication, perseverance, strategy, athletics — all things that life throws at you, whether directly or indirectly. And if your child wants to play professionally later in life, then lessons learned from sports as a youth can give them an edge over other applicants.

9. Learning a Foreign Language

Learning a foreign language opens children’s minds to learning about other parts of the world and cultures they may have never been introduced to before. It also helps with their own culture by seeing how another society can be so different from your own. Plus, being bilingual or trilingual is not only impressive, but it can help them get ahead of others who are monolingual.

10. Sewing

Sewing can be very therapeutic, and there is plenty of fabric design, sewing pattern design, and sewing kit options available to choose from. Sewing is great for creative children because it allows them to create or modify their own clothes. And sewing skills can be valuable when it comes to mending torn clothes or even creating new ones.

11. Reading Comic Books

Comic books can be educational because they use examples and pictures to teach and explain rules and concepts. There are also comics available that focus on teaching children about social skills, science, math, and more. Comic books can also be a nice change of pace from regular novels and magazines.

12. Board Games

Board games are extremely enjoyable with family, friends, or even just themselves. These games are great for teaching children strategy, mathematics, and social skills. It is an excuse to get together with friends, laugh, and have fun. And if your children are competitive (which many of them are), they’ll get a chance to test their skills against their friends.

So what will you choose for your child this year? Will it be gardening, writing, swimming, cooking? Whatever you decide, just remember how beneficial it is for teaching children about the world around them while also giving them lots of fun memories.