10 Surefire Ways Nurses Can Boost Their Earning Potential


Is it possible for a nurse to earn a six-figure salary? It seems like a long shot. However, here’s a shocker: It’s possible. The path to earning high amounts of cash as a nurse is reasonably straightforward.

However, the yearly salary of a nurse typically tends to depend on a series of factors. For example, a nurse’s career path, location, salary negotiations, and other side work/hustle can significantly impact earnings. Regardless, there is a lot of money in the healthcare sector for nurses who put in the effort with the right amount of creativity, attitude, and strategy. Under the right conditions, even top-of-the-line and senior nurses working in general fields can earn a perfect living.

So, if you haven’t been able to reap the rewards of your hard work, here’s what you need to do to increase your earning potential:

  1. Obtain an advanced degree

One of the best ways to increase your nursing income, in the long run, is to further your education. Higher education leads to higher pay, which is noticeable at all levels. A Licensed Practical Nurse’s annual wage is $50,090, which is nearly $30,000 less than the yearly wage of a Registered Nurse.

There are numerous options for nurses looking to boost their earning potential. But online education has made it easier for any working professional to acquire education and make ends meet. For instance, if you pursue an online masters of science in nursing (MSN), you will be able to work conveniently, earn more, and land managerial roles.

  1. Get creative with your nursing

Get inventive with your nursing side jobs. Some savvy nurses discover that nursing side jobs can help them achieve their goals when deciding how to make cash as a nurse. These opportunities might include:

  • Working per diem shifts on one of your days off
  • Working as a camp nurse during vacation breaks or weekends
  • Teaching patients how to use medical equipment at home
  • Providing care for homebound patients
  • Publishing blogs or other content for nursing journals
  • Tutoring nursing students online
  1. Select a specialty 

Nurses who specialize in increasing their earning potential have access to unique possibilities. They have several choices, and if the nurse wishes to increase their earning potential, they can choose multiple specialties and grow their wealth.

Because of their specialty, they are qualified for various positions in medical centers, clinics, and other healthcare-related facilities. They may also be eligible for positions in larger organizations in new locations and receive fantastic job offers, including relocation expenses.

  1. Network 

Don’t underestimate the significance of networking if you want to increase your earning potential. Nursing, like any other career path, benefits significantly from networking. Meeting new people and making new contacts is an excellent way to stay current in your field. You can learn about job openings sooner, get suggestions, and have many expert doors open for you. RNs can network in various locations, including nursing conferences and even on social media.

  1. Say yes to travel

Traveling nurses earn significantly more than nurses who stay in the exact location. While on the road, nurses provide healthcare to a wide range of patients. They become engaged in a variety of programs with higher-than-average income power.

Nurses who are willing to travel have more employment options in organizations worldwide. They may find a new employer during their travels to supplement their income. They can also improve their skills by visiting new medical facilities and completing training. When they see their ideal location, these travel opportunities optimize their potential and provide everything they require to move ahead in their careers.

  1. Take the Lead 

Leading by example is the most effective way to advance to upper management. You are likely to work with newer nurses or those who have less knowledge than you, so take every opportunity to teach a teachable moment. Sharing your expertise in a considerate manner is essential for passing on better habits to the next generation of nurses.

  1. Make your worth known

Make sure your resume is up-to-date and highlights your accomplishments before entering into a salary negotiation or contract. It’ll be your framework for demonstrating your worth. It will be what potential employers refer to when contemplating your requests. Do your research and figure out your worth ahead of time to present your particular feature and make an impressionable case for what you’re worth during negotiations. When bargaining, consider more than just a pay raise. Other benefits, such as continuing education, housing stipends, or time off, should be requested.

  1. Have good intentions 

Having good intentions appears to be second nature as a nurse. However, with extended hours and little downtime, it’s easy to become exhausted or swamped, harming your intent. Maintain an upbeat, positive mindset – your demeanor directly impacts your patients. It can play a massive part in your career progression, particularly if you seek an admin job.

  1. Work a variety of shifts

Most medical facilities’ traditional day shift runs from 7 a.m., 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. or 4 p.m. Many nurses prefer to work this shift because it allows them to spend the evening with their families. Those who do not have children or have good childcare agreements may want to consider working the second shift, which spans from 3 p.m. to 11:30 p.m., or the night shift, which runs from 11 p.m. to 7:30 a.m. Second and third shifts frequently pay a few dollars more per hour. Working on weekends or holidays may also result in a higher hourly rate.

  1. Represent yourself well in and out of the office 

As a nurse, you take your job with you wherever you go. Always be a good representative of your profession, whether at work or in the public sector. Consider volunteering or joining groups that could benefit from your knowledge to lend your talents and abilities to organizations in need. The more knowledgeable you’ll be, the better you’ll be positioned for future advancement.


We hope you’re inspired and ready to boost your earning potential as a nurse with the information above. Nurses have a sea of options waiting to be explored; it takes guts and determination to decide what you want and how you want to do it. Moreover, keep in mind that your credentials and degree will be the pinnacle of creating more opportunities for advancement for you.